Fukumimi Records

Fukumimi Records(フクミミレコーズ)



元々は自分(Pugmal Sensor)の作品を出すためのプライベートレーベルとして立ち上げたのですが、各々のアーティストの個性を存分に発揮させる自由なサウンドを作っていただく場所も作りたいと思い、このレーベルを立ち上げました。




Fukumimi Records is japanese techno/electronica independent record label founded in Shizuoka in March 2019.

There are many different ways to describe electronic music, electronic music you can dance to, electronic music you can listen to in your room, environmental music, non-beat, singing, more like a band... It's a difficult alternative genre to lump together, so we can't focus on a specific sound with a specific label colour. It's impossible to narrow it down to one particular sound. It may not be consistent, but it offers a sound that respects the individuality of its creators.

The label was originally set up as a private label for me to release my own work (Pugmal Sensor), but I also wanted to create a place where each artist could be free to create a sound that would allow their individuality to shine through.

No matter how awkward the format, or how slightly clumsy the mix or sound quality may be, indie is indie, small is small, and the challenging sound of a DIY spirit is always inspiring to listen to.

We hope that you will like the free spirit of Fukumimi Records in the future.

Yuki Kawamura